Man and Machine


Experience nurtures creativity in the human as a fabricator of things. In the same vein the thing fabricated usually becomes a metaphor as it bears witness to the time it was made. The fabricated thing within the chronicles of cultural history remains intrinsic to the human in constant struggle with self to understand the world of experience. The proclamation, which Kelani Abass (b.1979) makes in his recent collection of works carefully titled“Man and Machine” is deftly pointed to the values of experience, the things experience beget and the knowledge they incubate. For, he declares; “I created ‘Man and Machine’from my experience in my father’s printing press where I worked for years as a machine operator before gaining admission into an art school.”

But contained in the above declaration is the fusion of thoughts which Abass presents in his understanding of Walter Benjamin’s (1892-1940) essay entitled The Art-work in the Age of Technical Reproductions. Benjamin, a German literary scholar and cultural critic who belongs to the Frankfurt school, became famous for his exposition on the material conditions that aid artistic productions….Continue reading in PDF

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