BIO, Kelani Abass

brief background about kelani abass

Kelani Abass (b. 1979) studied at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, graduating in painting with distinction. Kelani has won several awards and prizes including 1st prize in painting of the Caterina De Medici/3rd Black Heritage Prize (2010). He has taken part in several residencies and workshops and is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

His recent work increasingly probes the shared history and character of man and machines through a wide range of different media including installations. In addition to acrylics, oils, pastels and charcoal, and again explore the possibilities inherent in painting, photography and printing using archival materials. He highlights personal stories against the background of social and political events which also engage time and memory.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘if I could save time’, Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos. 2016, ‘Aso Igba’ Art Clip Africa, Lagos. 2016,  ‘Asiko’ Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (2013); ‘Man and Machine’ Omenka Gallery, Lagos (2011) and ‘Paradigm Shift’ Mydrim Gallery, Lagos (2009).

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